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Taxpayer Questions: Where Is My State Tax Refund?

Where is my state tax refund? This is a primary question that individuals have with the rest of the world. How does one track their own tax refund? There is a number of ways that one can do this. This article aims to make sure that every individual would be able to track where his state tax refund is. Read on this article and find out more.

What Are The Steps That You Must To Find Your State Tax Refund?

Read on our article Where is My Federal Tax Refund to find out more on how you can check that. To summarize, you need to prepare the following information before contacting the authority.

    • You need to find the primary Social Security Number on your income tax return;
    • You should know the filing status used on the return; and
    • You should know the whole amount of the refund.
  • You should know if you are entitled to a State Tax Refund.

It may seem like an ordinary thing but most individuals have a problem with understanding that being entitled to a Federal Tax Refund does not equate to a State tax refund. Hence, before you ask the question – where is my state tax refund? – you should first file for your state tax return. To know if you are required to pay state tax, you should say yes to the following questions:

      • Do you rent out a property in one state to another?
      • Did you win any money from gambling in a casino in your state?
      • Does your employer incorrectly withhold taxes for a state while you live in another state?
      • Do you earn income in another state while you live in another state?
      • Do you live in multiple states?
      • Did you move from one state to another for a year?

Once you are done filing and paying for your state tax return, the next question up is how you track your state tax refund.

Your State Tax Refund For Every State

Once you are done filing your state tax return, you need to track state tax refund. Tracking depends on the state that you are in. Therefore, it is necessary that you check the requirement for every state.

  1. Washington State – 1-800-647-7706.
  2. Oregon State – (800) 356-4222.
  3. Idaho State Tax Commission – 800-972-7660
  4. Montana Department of Revenue – 406-444-6900
  5. Wyoming Department of Revenue – (307) 777-5200
  6. Nevada Department of Taxation – 1-866-962-3707
  7. California Franchise Tax Board – 800-852-571
  8. Utah State Tax Commission – 801-297-2200 or 800-662-4335
  9. Colorado Division of Taxation at 303-238-SERV (7378)
  10. Arizona Department of Revenue – (602) 255-3381 (in Phoenix) or 1-800-352-4090 (Toll-free statewide, outside of Maricopa County)
  11. New Mexico Department of Revenue – (505) 827-0700
  12. North Dakota Department of Revenue – 701-328-1247
  13. South Dakota Department of Revenue – 605-773-3311
  14. Kansas Department of Revenue – 785-368-8222
  15. Oklahoma Tax Commission – (405) 521-3160
  16. Nebraska Department of Revenue – 800-742-7474
  17. Texas Comptroller – 800-531-5441
  18. Minnesota Department of Revenue – 651-556-3000
  19. Iowa Department of Revenue – 515-281-3114
  20. Missouri Department of Revenue – 573-751-3505
  21. Arkansas Department of Revenue – 501-682-1100
  22. Louisiana Department of Revenue – 1-855-307-3893
  23. Michigan Department of Treasury – 800-649-3777
  24. Indiana Department of Revenue – (317) 232-2240
  25. Kentucky Department of Revenue – (502) 564-4581
  26. Tennessee Department of Revenue – (800) 342-1003
  27. Alabama Department of Revenue – 334-353-0602
  28. Ohio Department of Taxation – 800-282-1780
  29. West Virginia Department of Revenue – 1-800-982-8297.
  30. South Carolina Department of Revenue – 803-898-5000
  31. Georgia Department of Taxation – 877-423-6711
  32. Florida Department of Revenue – 850-488-6800
  33. Pennsylvania Department of Revenue – 717-787-8201
  34. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance – 518-457-5181
  35. Maine Revenue Services – 207-621-4300
  36. Virginia Department of Taxation – 804-367-8031
  37. North Carolina Department of Revenue – 877-252-4052

Online filing your state tax return is easy. We can help you through the process.

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