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Until recent memory, everybody used Microsoft excel for bookkeeping. Now the technology is growing in every field. The computer experts are trying to make accounting more easy to use. To remove this problem, the experts have introduced the Quick Book software in the market.

It is small trade account software. We are using in trades to manage income and expenses also keeps the track of daily cash dealings as well. Our services include making invoices, bills, tax filing and planning reports – all of which helps in all sectors of trade from lower to higher levels.

We provide services like Quickbooks Setup, Bookkeeping in Quickbooks, Bank Reconciliation, Accounting, Xero Bookkeeping, Xero Setup, Chart of Accounts Setup, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Accounts Payable Management and providing Financial Reports.

What we do more for you in Quick Books Services

  • Bookkeeping in Quickbooks Online
  • Setting New Company & Managing Chart of Accounts
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Create Invoice & Bill
  • Maintaining Account Receivables & Payable
  • Weekly, Monthly & Year End Reporting
  • Budgeting  Financial Projections
  • Financial Statements, Income Statements
  • Ratio Analysis, Key Performance Indicators
  • Rectification of Mistakes and Accounts
  • Preparation of financial statements templates

What Small Businesses Use QuickBooks For

We are using Quick Books to see the cash flow of the firm. We do in making invoices, bills and other payments. We also generates monthly and yearly reports of every point. It is now common to all trade owners to run this in office to check all the details.

The top eight QuickBooks small business uses are:

1.Manage Sales and Income

It helps in managing the income and expenses of the firm. It can create invoices to track it client wise. It keeps the accounts up to date with both current and past.

2. Keep Track of Bills and Expenses

It keeps the track of bills and expenses in the record. It will link these with bank accounts to clear the dues. It also tracks a check or cash flow accordingly. It will also help to pay other bills as well and creates a report of current and past in just few minutes.

3. Gain Key Reporting Insights to Your Business

To keep up to date with the cash inflow and outflow in this software will help in many places. It will generate reports whenever in need of them. All the reports are already in it. It just needs data to enter and save. It gives benefit to the owner to keep an eye on the health of the trade. It helps in to get some loan by showing it financial health. There are three reports which mainly help to check the health of trade.

I.     Profit and Loss Report: This report will come out in just a minute. It will show the details of the profit after minus all the expenses and taxes according to the time period.

 A. Balance Sheet Report: We  create balance sheet in just couple of minutes. It shows the assets, liabilities and equity of the trade.

B. Statement of Cash Flows: This is the main report of cash flow. It will show all the cash inflow and outflow of the trade. It will give a mirror of all the sectors of the firm in cash flows.

4. Run Payroll

Payroll is very much important and sensitive part in any firm. A single mistake in calculating wages can make big problem. This software has removed this problem and it has its own payroll function. It calculates and run payroll as it needs. It links with the financial reports and keep it up to date with latest payroll.

Some of the benefits of running payroll with QuickBooks are:

  • Pay employees with a check or direct deposit
  • Payroll tax calculation
  • It fills in the payroll tax forms
  • Easily e-pay from it.

5. Track Inventory

It keeps the track of the inventory up to date. It shows the details of every product after its selling and its costs as well. There are many other reports which can show the details of inventory.

6. Simplify Taxes

Many traders do not know how to prepare tax return and deal with other tax issues. This software helps them to make the entire details link with the tax return. In past the bookkeeper use excel spreadsheets to make tax return files and it was time consuming task. Now it has changed the system and makes it easy for all. It just needs data to make the report. It does not require much time and within some time all the reports will generate precise and accurate.

7. Accept Online Payments

This service has also become feasible for the clients to pay their invoices online. Once the user just add the option to pay online and link the system with the bank account. It does not need paper work and also reduces the time.

8. Scan Receipts

One more helpful point in this service is to keep the receipt in mobile device. There is an app of this service to use and keep up to date with the cash flow receipts. It helps both the user and client in cash flow process.

QuickBooks  Service Features

This software has many other products to use on different platforms. It includes QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Mac. All of these have different functions and features. The below are the details to have a narrow down which one is right to use.

        i.  QuickBooks Online

It does not need software installation. It is available in three levels and ideal for service trade. It allows to use from anywhere with internet connection with secure login.

      ii.  QuickBooks Desktop

It requires software installation in the computer. It comes in three different versions. All the three versions are for different sectors of trade. Pro is ideal for small trade that does not making products. Premier is ideal for those which make products. The Enterprise one is for large sectors.

    iii.  QuickBooks Self-Employed

It is best for freelancers and car share drivers. It can access from anywhere through internet connection. It has special features which are not in above ones. It calculates the expenses and taxes etc. on monthly bases.

     iv.  QuickBooks Mac

It is just like desktop one but it runs on Mac computer. It is same as Pro which is best for small traders.

Why we are?

  • More than 10-years experience in different organizations
  • Audit experience
  • Extensive bookkeeping experience
  • Proficient with QuickBooks
  • Quick response
  • Accurate and efficient work