PA Income Tax Filing Extension; How to File your Returns before May 17, 2021

Have you filed your pa income tax yet? The deadline is here! May 17, 2021. This time, the PA department of revenue extended the deadline from the usual April 15. Mainly the extension was to allow Pennsylvania enough time to navigate the coronavirus pandemic’s misfortunes while filing their returns.

Speaking in a press release, in mid-Marc 2021, Dan Hassell said, Revenue Secretary said, “This is a positive step that provides additional time to Pennsylvania taxpayers, many of whom have been struggling during the last year due to the pandemic. ” Adding to his statement, he also said, “The new deadline will be a benefit for many Pennsylvanians, including those who plan to meet with a tax professional for assistance with preparing their returns.”

How to file your pa income tax

The PA Department of revenue is giving you the easiest option to file your returns. Through its link, you can access all the pa income tax forms for your filling. The significant encouragement this time is that people should use the electronic filing procedure. This time not that it is only fast but also much safer considering the prevailing coronavirus situations.

myPATH exists as a free, user-friendly tool allowing most taxpayers to do the following flawlessly;

  1. File the Pennsylvania Income Tax Return (PA-40) and
  2. Make income tax payments

The key advantages of the myPATH option include the following;

  • It is fast and accessible for both return/refund processing
  • Has the “Where’s My Income Tax Refund?” feature for quick tracking of the PA tax refund status
  • Instantly confirms success in filling
  • Has error-reducing automatic calculators
  • User-friendly with various options such as filing by paper
  • Allows access to detailed information on Statement of Account for personal income tax

The pa state income tax remains an obligation like that of the IRS, and its compliance is always essential. myPATH option will give you the most accessible formula you need for quick and reliable return and refund procedures – try it now.

PA state income tax rate

The pa tax rate is among the steadiest in the entire United States of America. With a flat rate of 3.07%, the state residents enjoy low tax rates from the typical 6% mostly offered.

Different cities in Pennsylvania, however, do have what they call local Earned Income Tax.’ The pa state income tax rate in these cases is always between 1% and 3.9%. Smaller municipalities do have lower rates of 2% following caping laws by the state. Otherwise, in the larger ones, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the rates are always higher.

According to most people, the pa state income tax rate can be confusing when narrowing down to various municipalities. The best help you can get on this is a financial advisor in Pennsylvania. They will always offer you the best guidance you need on returns and refunds based on the stipulated current tax laws.


When anticipating a fast PA tax refund, correct filling the pa income tax forms is always in order. Form W-4, in particular, is very critical, especially in this aspect. The best financial advisors will help you navigate the various procedures involved here, thus avoiding unanticipated penalties and mistakes.

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