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Online Bookkeeping Services – How it works

Abdul Ghaffar (AG) is a reputable online bookkeeping service agency for all business types. We are an ideal solution when it comes to inflicting quick growth into your enterprise. Our services are exceptional in the sense that it is real humans that handle your orders. We use powerful financial reporting software to record and analyze every detail of your financial reports. Out of it, we give you quality analysis highly valuable towards solving your business progress puzzles.

Our Services

Online bookkeeping with certified company
Certified Bookkeeper

AG will handle all your business accounting tasks to enable it to run all smoothly. Our services are widespread. Beyond bookkeeping, we will also process your tax, payrolls plus everything there in between.

Here is a quick rick-up of what we do.

1.Online Bookkeeping & Accounting

Tracking your business financial statements is fundamentally vital to maintaining its smooth run. Your accounts department can do this; however, outsourcing online bookkeeping services could be another better option. It will help confirm the reports and introduce new progressive ideas into your business. AG is a reliable and highly convenient you can reach for any of these. We offer quality bookkeeping & accounting services all across varied business types.

2.Tax Preparation

Is the tax preparation process troubling you? Well, AG has top accounting experts who will, therefore, help you all you want with your taxes. Our experience in tax preparation processes goes beyond ten years, and that makes better than most of our competitors. Whether an individual or corporate tax planning, we will grant you better solutions and results.

3. Sales and Use Tax

Business progression also needs quality facts on its finances. AG not only offers online bookkeeping services but analysis and consultation services. We will hence help you plan any business expansions you wish to make based on your financial strengths.

Others Services We Offer Also Include;

  • Accounting & Assurance
  • New Business Formation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Payroll Management
  • Bank Financing
  • Tax Return Filing
  • Cash Flow Management
  • CRA Audit Assistance
  • Succession Planning
  • Overall Business Accounting
  • Internal Matter Control

How Our Online Bookkeeping Service Works

Getting started on our bookkeeping service involves three direct and straightforward forward steps; setting you up, enjoying the service and receiving reports.

  1. Orientation – setting you up
    In this first process, we will introduce you to one of our professional bookkeepers. He or she will familiarize you with what we do, our pricing packages and get to know more about your business. From the details gathered, they will help you get started with us right away.
  2. We Handle Your Bookkeeping
    Regularly, monthly or weekly, your assigned bookkeeper will import your business transaction reports and statements. The purpose of this will be to keep quality records and proper analysis of your business’ financial operations.
    Note that we will always contact you for any other information we might need in all this process. Likewise, you will be free to ask us any questions regarding our service.
  3. We Deliver Reports
    Our final step in this process is handing you in the report. It could be a real-time or monthly report detailing financial transactions at your enterprise. We will always be on time to prepare your tax information and giving you the best and next financial plan for your business.

Why Us

There are several essential reasons contributing to Abdulghaffar being your go-to company.
We offer;

  • Flawlessly categorized and reconciled standard transactions
  • Quality controlled and peer-reviewed business financials
  • Quick customer care response turn-around of not more than a business day.

Finally, lots of small businesses already enjoying our services are all grateful. Because of our enduring reliability and affordability makes us a better choice always. Our partnership incorporates renowned organizations that recommend our services. You can, therefore, trust all we do as we never disappoint.

Abdul Ghaffar, AG is a highly competent online bookkeeper with exclusive recommendations for his works. See his profile here.