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How To Check The Status of My Income Tax Refund?

An income tax refund can be defined as an excess amount paid when there is more income tax paid than the payable income tax. This excess payment that is paid is refunded or given back by the income tax department after income tax return is processed.

For you to get an income tax refund, you must file an income tax return. The income tax return will be processed by the income tax department before paying you the refund. One of the common questions people ask is whether interest is paid after an income tax refund is made the income tax department. It is of paramount to know that taxpayers don’t get any tax refund within due time. So in this case, a taxpayer will get the interest when the income tax is refunded. Nevertheless, when the refund amount is below 10% of the main income tax liability, income tax refund’s interest won’t be paid.

Checking of Income Tax Refund Status

Some of the ways through which you can check your income tax refund are:

Through the TIN-NSDL website.

When you are on TIN-NSDL website, use your PAN card number together with the year of assessment and login to check the status of your income tax refund. Your income tax refund will be processed by income tax department or authority before it is sent to the refund banker, within the next 10 days, your income tax refund status will reflect on the TIN-NSDL website.

To check your income tax refund status through the E-Filling Website, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in on the website, that is
  2. After successfully logging in to the website, input your PAN number, your password and date of birth. A captchais likely to appear for verification. To gain access to your income tax, verify the captcha code.

III.        Click the View Returns/Forms tab to log in to the website.

  1. To check your income tax status, select the income Tax Returns option and pick the tax assessment year.
  2. Click your acknowledgement number.
  3. There will be an appearance ofa pop-up on the screen. This pop-up will display the entire timeline of income tax e-filing for you to see. The date that you used while filling the ITR to the date of verification or electronic verification together with the final processing date of your income tax return and the date your income tax refund was issued will be displayed.

Types of Income Tax Refund Status

The different types of income tax refund status are:

  • Not Determined

Not determined signifies that your income tax refund (ITR) is yet to be processed. You have to check back after a few days for your income tax status.

  • Refund Failed

Just from the name, refund paid denotes that the income tax refund was transferred to your bank account because of wrong bank details and other reasons.

  • Refund Paid

This is the opposite of the refund failed. It signifies that your income tax refund has been transferred or credited to your bank account or sent to you by a cheque.

  • Refund Expired

The validity of an issued refund cheque done by the Income-tax department is 90 days. When it exceeds the 90 days, you will have to get a refund cheque that is re-issued in your name.

  • EncashedCheque

This message indicates that the cheque sent by the Income-tax department has been received by you and is also being encashed.

  • Refund Returned

When the income tax status is on refund returned, it implies that the cheque is sent back to the Income-tax department or authority. When this occurs, your income tax refund will be cancelled.  In such cases, you will need to send a request to the income tax department to re-issue your income tax refund.

Procedures for Claiming Income Tax Refund

  • You can claim your income tax refund while filing your income tax refund before the 31st of July for every for every fiscal year.
  • File your income tax refund by uploading the excel sheet or java utility form with all the necessary information listed in the online forms.
  • Click the “validate” button after filling the relevant ITRform. Your income tax refund will be calculated automatically based on the data you filled. You will see your income tax status on the screen after doing this.
  • The amount that is displayedon the screen is the amount you can claim as your income tax refund. The income tax refund amount is calculated by the income tax department after your income tax refund form is processed. The income tax department will also verify your refund claim.
  • You will receive an intimation after the processing of your refund claim. The intimation showed will come in this message form:

“Your income tax refund matches with the Income-tax department and there is no need to pay any other tax for the current fiscal year.”

“Your income tax refund is not the same with the calculation made by the income tax department and you are expected to pay the tax demanded.”

“Your income tax refund claim has been accepted partially by the income tax department.”

“Your income tax refund claim has been rejected.”

  • If your ITRrefund calculation is the same with the calculation made by the income tax department, the ITR department will accept your refund claim.
  • An intimation will be sentto you through the email you used during registration in case you have an electronic filled income tax returns. An SMS message will also be sent to you which states that the income tax refund for both your acknowledgement number and PAN card number has been processed.
  • A notice from ITR department will be sent to you your case is under scrutiny.

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