How To Permanently Delete WhatsApp Contacts From IPhone IOS 15

Then you can restore your messages on your iPhone with iTunes easily, if you have trouble with it, you can also try a iTunes data recovery tool to help you manage it. Need someone you have blocked can still see your profile pic. But it stays on the picture that you had at the time of blocking them. If you update your picture, they will not see the new one. Sadly you cannot block someones Whatspp, so despite deleting and blocking her number from text, her facebook etc she can still message him on whatsapp which she is doing relentlessly.

Unlike Snapchat or Facebook, you cannot contact a person on WhatsApp if you don’t have their cell phone number. Moreover, it’s possible to get WhatsApp without a permanent phone number. Audio messages, or voice notes, as they are more commonly called for WhatsApp users, are a great way to talk without a direct phone call. However, one of the major issues with voice notes was that you had to hold down the record button to record your voice note. WhatsApp has joined in the fun with disappearing messages. You can enable this feature for a chat and the messages will disappear after 7 days.

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However, the one feature that does add to its “social-ness” is the “WeChat Moments” section where you have your own page with posts and can set your own privacy settings. Well if this happens to you it’s a sign that they are hanging on to every word you say and you only do that if you genuinely care about the person you’re talking to. Another reason for a text not being received could be due to the fact that the recipient might have blocked your number. You Whatsapp (free) could simply call up the person to check if they’ve blocked you.

  • Contacts, photos, storage, microphone, camera, etc?
  • Scroll to the message you wish to deleteClick on ‘del’ key on keyboard of blackberry.
  • CopyTrans Shelbee backs up all the iPhone data, not only the WhatsApp messages.
  • One explanation could be that the WhatsApp timestamp can tell us something without having to contact the person in question.

Every time a woman comes to this site and decides to implement the no contact rule she is technically obsessed with her ex boyfriend. He is on her mind the second she wakes up for the day, the second she gets in her car to go to work and the second she closes her eyes to go to sleep. If at all nothing works and you really need to get to that person you can easily change your number or use someone’s phone. For your ex to change his/her mind, something or someone must influence your ex and show your ex that keeping you blocked is not the most mature thing to do.

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Hope the above-mentioned tips and tricks to take backup and restoration of messages and contacts for your WhatsApp application will prove useful to you. A recent WhatsApp update also allows users to backup conversations on Google Drive. Please share your experience to get your WhatsApp backup and message recovery requirements fulfilled. For further details, one can also refer to the official WhatsApp Website FAQ section at WhatsApp FAQs. You can now initiate the WhatsApp app launch on your new mobile device and you will find a message backup notification message. You need to press the ‘Restore’ option in order to get your entire WhatsApp chat history transferred to your new phone.

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