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And there are a lot of websites keeping you updated on a daily basis across the world. Here is the careful selection of top anime sites that you can watch great anime videos. There is no denying that watching videos on the internet is the most preferred form Animeflix of content. These videos can be streamed for various purposes such as education and entertainment. The “Error loading media file could not be played” error popping on your screen can be very frustrating and annoying. Animekisa highlights fast, ad-free, and high quality anime viewing experience.

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In the morning, Takumi is awoken by a call from Natsuki, inviting him to meet her in Ikaho to finally bury the hatchet. Upon finding out that Takumi has a driving license, Natsuki plans them a trip to the beach. On his way home afterwards, Takumi bumps into Iketani outside his house.

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EP 30 The Lion Awakens

At the meeting, Wataru asks to see the new engine, and Takumi agrees, explaining that while it has more horsepower it doesn’t work very well. Wataru is shocked by the engine, and becomes angry at Itsuki and Takumi, believing that they’re joking around with him. Wataru explains that the engine in Takumi’s car is designed for professional racing, and that it’s not the sort of engine that anyone could get. Takumi, becoming increasingly angry, tells Wataru that he wouldn’t lie to someone that he has never met, before going to leave. Kazumi slaps Wataru, telling him to apologise or leave, and he drives off in his Eight-Six. Soon after, Takumi leaves and finds Wataru at the top of Akina.

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However, you can watch a lot of anime series for free. Well, if you are new to the anime world and looking to begin your anime journey, Netflix is the most ideal choice for you. Most people don’t know that Netflix has an extensive anime collection. The reason why it is good for beginners is that along with a ton of non-anime content, they can also start watching anime with a Netflix subscription.

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