Maybe before you think about how to become a bookkeeper, you most essentially need to know what a bookkeeper is. A bookkeeper is a specialist in charge of keeping all the financial records of an enterprise. The rest of the questions on how to become a virtual bookkeeper, how to become a certified bookkeeper, and a lot more. A lot more of late is how to become a bookkeeper online – now that Coronavirus has influenced work at home.

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A general procedure towards becoming bookkeeping is undertaking a study program directed towards accounting. From there, you can specialize in bookkeeping, which is never far different from the accounting itself. Upon completion, you will need to undergo a trainee program either as an intern to get real experience in this field. The length of these programs varies; however, it may last for a period, not more than six months. Sometime if you are lucky, the company might absorb you for a basic wage.

Before we go into wages and probably how to find bookkeeping jobs, let’s figure out how to be the following;

How to become a virtual bookkeeper

A virtual bookkeeper embraces technology and the internet in remotely handling clients’ work on bookkeeping tasks. These people work on a freelance basis and may or may not be handling only one company’s work but several.

How to become a virtual bookkeeper will only require you to have the certification of your skills. It is same as how to become a bookkeeper online. In designing your portfolio for these tasks, you will have to specify your academic qualifications, experiences, and personal skills. Also, if there are other works you have done before, you can add them to convince your client of competency.

How to become a bookkeeper online is another way you can term this. It is possible to undertake an online course on bookkeeping and still receive the certification. From there, you can proceed to find a job.

How to become a certified bookkeeper         

There are lots of certified bookkeepers around, and you can always join their circle by following only a simple procedure. The most ordinary one is undertaking a business course with an award on bookkeeping. Furthermore, the experience is always crucial if you are going to look for a job. Most employers will want to know you can handle whichever tasks aligned to your area of specialization. It is one way they build first confidence in you.

How long does it take to become a certified bookkeeper?

How long it takes to become a certified bookkeeper depends on what program you enrolled in, certificate, diploma, or degree. All three vary in their completion time. A degree will take averagely four years, diploma two while certificate even lesser, probably less than a year.

Also, if you decide to go up to masters or PhD level, that will mean more years. The most convenient way, however, is always to finish up any of the first three programs, find a job then continue upgrading.


How to become a bookkeeper online, or otherwise, calls for education first. You must undertake learning programs that equip you with necessary bookkeeping knowledge and skills. In other cases also, after undergoing your studies, keeping ties with online bookkeeping experts could be of help. At least, they might introduce you to real bookkeeping experience while waiting for job enrolment.


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