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We Offer Full Range of Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Our offer a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. We are able to offer our clients personalized quality service. The Bookkeeper Abdul Ghaffar offer Bookkeeping in Quickbooks Online, tax, audit, payroll and consulting and accounting services.

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About Us

bookkeeping-servicesaccounting-servicesThe Bookkeeper Abdul Ghaffar have over 10 years of experience as a Certified Bookkeeper and has assisted numerous Accounting Firms and CPA Firms who overloaded in Tax season. Our team of highly trained professionals. We use the latest technologies to solve your accounting and bookkeeping issues quickly and easily. We deliver essential accounting and bookkeeping services in a cost-effective manner within a given time frame.

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Our Advantages

Excellent Customer Service

we provide excellent customer Service to all clients

Qualified Accountants

The team has a wide variety of practice and industry experience.

No Hidden Cost

We provide fixed fees for all of our services.

Free Tax Enquiry

We provide free tax enquiry to all clients


We are available beyond the normal 07:00-17:00 office hours

Free Initial Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to all prospective new clients

Meet the Team

Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Physical Therapist

I started practicing in 1999 after graduating from the University of Vermont. During those college class years…

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Helen Wilmore

Helen Wilmore

Massage Therapist

I chose a physical therapy career because I knew I wanted to help people without sticking them with needles…

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Kristina Castle

Kristina Castle

Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist I have the opportunity on a daily basis to improve the lives of my patients by identifying…

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Anthony Wills

Anthony Wills


I also had a running injury when I was in high school and had to go to PT. I thought “This is what I want…

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We are focused on understanding your Bookkeeping needs and offering the
Best Bookkeeping solutions to the problems and challenges you face.

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Find out the latest news about our bookkeeping and accounting about all your tax  related needs.

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