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Welcome To Abdul Ghaffar (AG)

We are a reputable online bookkeeping service agency for all business types. We are an ideal solution when it comes to inflicting quick growth into your enterprise. Our services are exceptional in the sense that it is real humans that handle your orders. We use powerful financial reporting software to record and analyze every detail of your financial reports. Out of it, we give you quality analysis highly valuable towards solving your business progress puzzles.

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What We Offer

We will handle all your business accounting tasks to enable
it to run all smoothly.Our services are widespread.
We are expert in.

Online Bookkeeping & Accounting

We track your business’ financial records fundamentally to effect its smooth run. We use top best accounting software and human professionalism to get you quality reports analysis.

Tax Preparation

Our experience in tax preparation processes goes beyond ten years, and that makes better than most of our competitors. Whether an individual or corporate tax planning, we will grant you better solutions and results.

Sales and Use Tax

AG not only offers online bookkeeping services but analysis and consultation services. We will hence help you plan any business expansions you wish to make based on your financial strengths.

Why choose us

We stay ahead with your financial statements

We offer flawlessly categorized and reconciled standard transactions

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

We will have records of all your business financial transactions.

We value your business

We offer Quality controlled and peer-reviewed business financials

Take control of your cash flow

Enter bills from vendors, and pay them only when they are due.
Schedule recurring payments to save time.

Unlimited support

Quick customer care response turn-around of not more than
a business day.

What Our customers say


AG, I had them work on my taxes on time. They are timely and reliable.

John Doe


I have been a long-term client for AG. They are the best professional online bookkeeping.

Peter Welson

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